Breath of Sound Workshops

  In this interactive workshop, we will embark on a journey exploring the connection between mind, body and emotion through breath, sound, movement, rhythm and meditation. This process can be intense and often is.  
      The workshop includes transformational healing through the unity of a group dynamic and the self expression of voice, breath and sound. Positive suggestions are included as the affirming, empowering messages are received and absorbed on a very deep level.  Your journey will include a guided imagery journey followed by deep relaxation.  Blocked or unserving energies are released on a cellular level while brain cells are energized and rejuvenated bringing an abundance of clarity, joy and empowerment. 
      This is a very personal journey and every breather’s experience will vary both physically and emotionally.  Eat lightly before your arrival. Wear comfy clothes.  Bring a mat or a blanket, a pillow and your loving self.
 "This class was like getting a spiritual deep tissue massage.  Another thing I liked is that I felt comfortable singing, letting go and feeling like I could act like a child. This class made me feel happy."
                  - Jura R. Encino, CA
"This was my second class with Goldy and it was even more profound than the first. Its like the equivalent of 1 years worth of therapy. Everyone needs to do this class. It has opened up doors inside of me that have been closed for a very long time.  Thank you Goldy."   
                - Carole C.   Ventura, CA

"The Kriya yoga workshop was a thrilling experience. It allowed my physical body to experience different sensations and various emotions. It is amazing that through breathing we are able to become so present and aware.  Thank you for this.  I will be back for the next one with my friends.  This workshop is hard to describe but I will be spreading the word"
                -Rusa B  Woodland hills, CA
"This class was amazing! Very soothing, freeing, relaxing, releasing, exhilarating. What a wonderful experience! I will be back with many friends."               
                 -Katt L.  Vannuys, CA

" This was my 3rd workshop with Goldy. It is always worthwhile and I will continue attending. I struggle with constricted breathing day to day and this workshop helps me move beyond that. It was quite intense for me today.  Letting go of the negative and bringing in the positive. I love the guided imagery. I look forward to the next workshop and deepening my breathing practice each day. Thank you very much! What a great form of therapy!"
                    -Julie L.  Ojai, CA

“This is a very powerful experience.  It’s hard to articulate in words how I feel but its like being on a spiritual emotional journey.  It is releasing and letting go of everything except the breath which is the life force. Goldy's voice is very beautiful and powerful.  The drumming adds to the experience.  I wish everyone could experience this transformation.”
                    -  Brenda, Las Vegas, NV
“Goldy’s voice is hypnotic, melodic and powerful.  It was a powerful journey through the body/mind through pranayama.  She was nurturing and it was fun too.”
                   - Bonnie B., Las Vegas, NV
“Unusual to release any sounds you felt like, but very liberating to yell as loud as you can. Very intense labored breathing- kind of difficult but the relaxation I felt at the end was like no other feeling.  The hard floor beneath me felt like feathers.”
                   - Amy M., Las Vegas, NV
“Your class was very relaxing. I usually have to meditate for long periods to get to the state we reached in class today.  It was super!”
                   -Natasha F., Las Vegas, NV